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Divorce proceeding in California may center on artwork

Just as the family house can bring two married people together, it can also tear the two individuals apart even more during a divorce proceeding. This is because people often have emotional ties to the marital home, so both parties may naturally want to stay in it. In the same way, a valuable piece of artwork can spark conflict between two individuals going through a divorce in California.

Dividing cars and even money can often be easier than dividing artwork because of the emotional attachment that a person may have to a particular painting or bust, for instance. Being willing to compromise on who gets which paintings can be challenging. However, understanding tax laws can help people to make more informed decisions when it comes to divvying up the art, as strategic art distributing can lead to minimized taxes.

Financial documents essential to find during divorce

When going through a divorce, a range of emotions may overcome an individual in California. The person might feel angry about the situation and also stressed about how the divorce proceeding will turn out. A few tips can help people to make sure that they handle the financial details of the divorce in a manner that will benefit them in the long run.

First, it's paramount that people get financial records regarding all property owned by the two parties. This includes recreational property, such as time-shares and cottages. They also would be wise to gather documents on recreational vehicles, such as trucks, motorcycles, cars, motor homes and boats. All of these are assets that will have to be distributed according during the divorce proceeding.

Knowing one's assets is important during divorce

About 40 percent of marriages end in divorce, according to national statistics. Divorce is not always easy because of the emotional and financial issues people often face when splitting up. However, a few tips can help to make the divorce process smoother in California.

Now that summer vacation planning is done and the kids have returned to the classroom for the fall semester, parents may be eager to start on a new plan --getting a divorce. People who have been delaying divorce may now be ready to go through with one since the economy is continuing to improve. An important first step in the process is to gather as much data as one can about the family's finances. Then, it is wise to create a comprehensive list of the family's income sources, debts and assets.

Taking care of oneself is important during divorce

When going through a divorce in California, it is easy to get heavily caught up in the details of the divorce. This includes focusing on how the marital property will be divided and who will get custody of the children, for example. However, when dealing with the stress of divorce negotiations or litigation, it is important that people take care of themselves so that they will be in the best frame of mind to address relevant financial and family law issues.

Since the divorce process may feel chaotic and stressful, caring for oneself is essential for being in the best position to achieve a positive outcome. It may be useful to simply concentrate on basic tasks, such as eating healthy food regularly and getting enough sleep. Adequate food and sleep will enable one's emotional system to cope with large amounts of stress.

Financial planning is wise during and after divorce

When people go through a divorce, the financial pendulum usually swings one way or the other. For some in California, they may walk away from the marriage financially strapped. Others might actually gain more wealth and thus have more to manage. Financial planning is paramount in either case, as it may help a person to make the most of his or her monetary situation following divorce.

During a divorce, it helps to create an inventory of everything one owns. While conducting an inventory one’s assets, it is critical to differentiate jointly owned and separately owned assets. People will also have to decide what they’d like to keep and what they are okay with parting with. Developing an asset inventory unfortunately might be more challenging for those who weren't the spouses who were paying the household bills regularly.

Child custody battle may impact children at start of school year

Just as an adult may find it difficult to fully concentrate on work while going through a divorce in California, a child might also struggle to fully focus on school during this period. The more that parents can make the transition to life after a divorce involving child custody as seamless as possible for their children, the better the children may fare in school and in life in general. Some tips can help divorcing parents to create the best situation for their children at the start of the school year.

The parents may wish to meet their child’s new instructor and inform the teacher of their family circumstances. This can be helpful because children whose parents are going through divorce act out sometimes and may have bad days or emotional moments at school. However, the parents would be wise to avoid drawing the teachers into their personal conflicts at home.

California custody decisions are best when the kids are the focus

Experiencing a divorce can understandably be hard on the parents and the children in California. While the parents may squabble about who will get custody of the kids or whether to pursue joint custody, the children may worry about losing one of their parents in the split-up. A few tips can help the parents to navigate this often tricky process for the benefit of the kids and, subsequently, for themselves.

During a divorce proceeding, it’s best to make decisions that will help to make the children’s lives the least tumultuous as possible. During the first few years following a divorce, the children may have to adjust to going to two different households, while the parents have to get used to co-parenting. It’s wise to always put the children’s needs ahead of the parents’ wishes.

Child support obligation increases for entertainer Future

When two individuals have a child and decide to separate, a debate often arises concerning who will have custody of the child and what financial role the other parent will play in the child’s life. Typically, a judge in California will assume the responsibility of deciding who will get child custody and the amount of child support that is reasonable to award in the case. One entertainer in another state is facing this scenario with the mother of his child.

The situation revolves around a musician named Future, who shares a son with a woman named Jessica Smith. Their son is 11 years old. The pair recently came to a new child custody agreement after discussing which holidays both parents would have the chance to enjoy with their child. They primarily focused on the boy’s birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fighting over custody of the kids can emotionally impact them

When two people agree to divorce in California, it’s a decision that can have a long-term impact, not only on the two parties but also on their children. Some of the biggest hurdles parents have to deal with include fighting a child custody dispute and helping the children to emotionally cope with their parents’ split. However, some tips can be helpful for making the transition as easy as possible for the kids.

It is helpful to have a strong support system during a divorce proceeding. For instance, it is wise for a parent to let his or her children’s babysitters and teachers know about the split as well as the parents of the children’s friends. These adults can tell the parent if they notice unusual behaviors in the children as they go through the divorce.

Outstanding debt can pose issues during divorce in California

One of the biggest stressors when it comes to going through a divorce in California is sorting out which spouse will get to keep which assets. However, a divorce can become even more complex if one party fails to abide by the obligations for repaying debt as provided in the couple’s divorce decree. A couple of tips can help a person to increase his or her chances of smoothly splitting up with their spouse.

First, it’s worth noting that creditors pay little attention to one’s divorce decree. Therefore, if two divorcing individuals have joint accounts for credit cards, they both are legally obligated to ensure that these debts are paid. This is typically true no matter what the divorce decree says.

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